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Executive Board of Kurdistan Teachers Union

First Amendment to the Law of Kurdistan Teachers Union-Iraq No. (4) of 2002


In the name of God, the Almighty and the Merciful
In the name of the people
Kurdistan Parliament - Iraq


Based on the provisions of paragraph (1) of Article (56) of Law No. (1) of 1992, as amended, at the request of the legal number of members, the Kurdistan-Iraq Parliament in its regular session No. (2) on 19/3/2 gave the law:

Law No. (1) of 2012 
First Amendment Law of
Kurdistan Teachers Union-Iraq Law No. (4) of 2002

Article 1:
Paragraph (7) of Article 1 shall be amended to read as follows:
Teachers: All teachers in private public schools, universities and institutes.

Article 2:
Article 2 of the law shall be amended and as follows:
According to this law, a union will be established called the Kurdistan Teachers Union - Iraq, the main headquarters will be in Erbil and may open a branch in the provinces. Not less than (3500) teachers, taking into account the characteristics of university teachers.

Article 3: 
Article 5 of the law shall be amended as follows:
   a) Membership in the Union is a voluntary right and shall include:
     1. All teachers and lecturers of public and private schools, colleges and universities.
     2. All teachers, supervisors and members of the educational and teaching boards, who are employees of the ministry, departments and educational institutions.
     3- Addresses of members of the Education and Teaching Board who wish to become members of the Union with a written request.

   b) Teachers of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, both those who have been martyred and those who are still alive, shall become honorary members.


Article 4:
First, paragraph (1) of Article 6 shall be amended as follows:
   (General Assembly and Congress).
Secondly, a paragraph shall be added to Article 6 in series (6) and shall read as follows:

    6- Representative of the PUK in schools and educational institutions.
Article 5: 
First, paragraph (a) of Article 7 of the Law shall be amended as follo

He was willing anyway.
Second, paragraph (b) of Article 7 shall be amended as follows:
No more than 15 representatives.


Article 6:
Article 8 of the law shall be amended as follows:
The person elected as the president of the union or member of the secretariat or member of the executive council, branch president and member of the branch committee must be a citizen of the Kurdistan Region and have served in education for at least five years.

Article 7: 
Article 11 of the law shall be amended as follows:
a) Research, discussion and submission of proposals to amend the insurance law in all cases.
b) Research and discuss the Union Law and submit proposals for its amendment.
c) Research and discuss the internal rules of the PUK and approve them.
d) Investigate, organize the duties and orders of the committees of the General Congress and approve the administrative and financial reports.
e) To investigate and evaluate the work of the PUK between the two congresses.
f) Election of the PUK President and members of the Secretariat Bureau.
Article 8: 
Series (3) of Article 12 of the law shall be amended as follows:
3. Heads of branches.
Article 9: 
Article 13 of the law shall be amended as follows

A. The Secretariat Bureau will be considered the General Assembly of the Executive Council of the PUK. He shall elect two deputies among the members and divide the work among the members.
b) The representation of the Turkmen, Chaldean, Syrian and Assyrian nations shall be taken into consideration in the Secretariat.
Second, the second paragraph of Article 13 shall be deleted.
Third, the fifth point of the article will be amended and will be as follows
Article 10:
Article 14 of the law shall be amended as follows:
First: Branch Committees:
1. Branch Representatives Those elected to the General Congress shall meet after the completion of the work of the Congress to elect the Branch Committee among themselves for the administrative units with less than nine membersoriginal members and two reserve members from other administrative units. 
2. The Branch Committee shall elect a chairman and the heads of its committees at its first meeting.
Second: A period in series (3) shall be added to the first paragraph of the article as follows:
3. In the branches where Turkmen, Chaldean, Syrian and Assyrian ethnic groups are present, they shall be considered to have representatives.
Third: A point shall be added to the second paragraph and it shall become point (3) as follows:
4- The branch committee shall meet once a month and may hold extraordinary meetings whenever necessary.


Article 11: A point for paragraph (3) of Article 15 is added
to series (4) and as follows:
Strengthening the relationship between the PUK and its bases and conveying the PUK's instructions and directions to them.
Article 12: 1: Point (1) of the
first paragraph of Article 16 will be amended and as follows
Seventy percent for the insurance fund account.
b) 20% twenty percent for the branch account.
c) 10% for the account of the Secretariat Office.

Second, the second paragraph of Article 16 shall be amended and as follows:
  Second, the General Congress shall determine how to spend the first paragraphs (A, B, C) and the branch executive committee must comply with the guidelines issued by the special committees. Insurance Committee and Members Assistance Committee) shall be established to implement these guidelines.
Third: Article 7 shall be amended as follows:
Seventh: 10% of the financial resources mentioned in the first paragraph (c) shall be transferred by the branch to the account of the Secretariat Bureau.

Article 13:
Article 21 of the law shall be repealed. 
Article 14:
Article 23 of the law shall be amended as follows: The
branch shall define the members within its geographical boundaries, provided that the sample is unified and issued by the secretariat.

Article 15: It
is the responsibility of the Council of Ministers and the relevant parties to implement the provisions of this law.
Article 16:
This law shall come into force on the date of its publication in the official gazette of Kurdistan.



                                                                    Dr. Arslan Bayaz Ismail
Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament - Iraq


The reasons for passing this law
are to better organize the work and activities of the Kurdistan Teachers Union towards achieving the professional, humanitarian, educational and democratic goals of this law.

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