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"The Teachers' Union is conducting a workshop."

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, a workshop was held in Martyr Haseeb Hall in Erbil, under the auspices of the Secretariat Office of the Kurdistan Teachers' Union-Iraq. The workshop focused on discussing the educational supervision system in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and capacity building.

The workshop commenced with a speech by Ata Ahmed, the Deputy Chairman of the Teachers' Union, who emphasized the importance of the event and raised some key points. Ahmed Saber, the President of the Kurdistan Teachers' Union, then delivered a speech highlighting the role of supervisors in education and the need to strengthen their role in educational institutions.

During the workshop, several important points were discussed, and participants shared their observations and suggestions. The focus was on identifying weaknesses in the education system and supervision process, and all suggestions were presented to improve the education system overall, with plans to submit these suggestions to the Ministry of Education.

It is worth noting that the workshop saw active participation from branches of the Kurdistan Teachers' Union-Iraq in various cities, in addition to supervisors and school directors..

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