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Terrorist drones do not scare us, Kurdistan will remain peaceful and proud

Kurdistan Teachers Union (KTU) has strongly condemned the terrorist drone attack on Erbil, describing it as a dangerous development.

Unfortunately, in recent days, several drone attacks have been carried out in Erbil which was causing financial losses. However, we consider the recurrence of these attacks by outlaw groups unacceptable and a bad development. The aim of these terrorist acts is to attack the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region. Attacking to Peshmarga and especially targeting airports indicates to the weakness of the Iraqi Federal Government in confronting these groups, and the message of these terrorist groups is clear that they are against stability in Iraq and Kurdistan Region in particular.

The Kurdistan Teachers Union (KTU) condemns the attack and calls on the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to take immediate steps to hold these groups accountable and bring them to justice. It is also a priority for the Iraqi federal government to take strict measures. Security measures and control of Iraqi airspace.

Finally, the enemies must know that Kurdistan Region will remain proud and stand against any group and party that wants to destabilize security in Kurdistan. We assure them that the enemy's attacks and their drones will not intimidate us, and Kurdistan will remain peaceful and proud.

Kurdistan Teachers Union


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